"Your rates should support your needs and enhance your area."


A genuine independent who listens, engages and cares for the local community.

Local Services

Recognising the significance of population growth on local health services, Eva continues to campaign for a full range of services to be provided at Camden Hospital for the benefit of our community.  

She also remains focused on the potential negative impacts on the local area of the Badgery's Creek airport development. Air quality in the Camden Basin is a health issue that no state government, of any political persuasion, has acknowledged or addressed. A 24 hour airport will compound the air quality problem, further choke local roads, threaten Warragamba Dam and Sydney's water supply. We are set to lose our vital rural lands and lifestyle on the mythical promise of affordable housing and job creation. 

Direct, equal and fair 


Eva advocates for each individual member of the community and every community group without the restraints imposed by being a member of a political party. She is not answerable to a Party, its lobbyists or its political donors. Her representation is personal and direct. For her, local Council is not about focusing on the demands of the few or toadying to those people who believe their power and money gives them a sense of entitlement. Council is about appreciating and balancing the needs of everyone. 

She has the experience, the knowledge and the passion to make a real difference on issues of community concern. Eva represents our community without fear or favour. 

South Ward

As a lone voice on Council for South Ward and aligned with North Ward's Councillor David Bligh when considering other older, established areas, Eva's aim is always to support all ratepayers equally. Services and facilities going into newly developing areas are being provided from developer funding, not from rate revenue. The percentage of Council's budget being allocated to administration is leaving the facilities in established areas underfunded and in serious need of upgrade. For example, Rotary Park, South Camden, requires a complete makeover to meet an acceptable standard and to fulfill community expectations. Thankfully, negotiations with a Camden service group and community involvement will deliver what is needed in this example. For fair and equitable consideration of facilities across the whole local government area, more than two independent voices are needed.