On Council changes over twenty years:

"It is becoming increasingly about self interest, self promotion and sadly like the secret squirrel club. The balance is disappearing. In no way should local government have party politics. When you have a political council, it votes on opportunistic political lines and the primary consideration isn’t the community." 

Eva Campbell



Eva has dedicated over twenty years to serving the Camden community as a Councillor.

After being elected to Camden Council in 1995, Eva has served as both Mayor and Deputy Mayor throughout those many years.

Eva recognises the huge responsibility of her role and knows she's privileged to have maintained the trust of the community for such a long period of time.


Eva's involvement was essential in the establishment of the Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park, Macarthur BMX track and the Undercroft at Camden Civic Centre.

Eva has a longstanding involvement with Country Women's Association, Camden Meals on Wheels, Belgenny Farm, Camden Area Family History Society, Camden Lioness' Club, Torchbearers for Legacy, Legacy Badge Day, Camden Art Prize Inc, Camden Show Society and is a regular volunteer at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard in Camden. She is the patron of numerous sporting and cultural groups.


Eva implores independence at a local government level to ensure the best outcomes for the community. 

As an Independent representative, Eva's focus is the Camden community. Understanding the local people is a core part of representative democracy. This means Eva loves to have a chat with the locals and hear their gripes, praises and anything in between.

Making sound decisions for Camden today means our community benefits tomorrow.